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Date: 5/10/1962
Type: image
Identifier: vital:23014
Description: deposited to the Irish Theatre Archive Collection at Dublin City Library and Archive in 2008 by Fiona Nugent (grand-niece of Vernon Hayden)
Date: 4/12/1962
Language: English
Type: image; jpeg
Identifier: vital:23729
Description: [publicity shot]: Micheál Mac Liammoir in dressing room in costume holding vine glass
Date: Robert Dawson, 38 St Anne's Lane, Sth. Anne St., Dublin 2
Type: Dublin City Archives
Identifier: vital:3022
Description: B & W production photo. On back: 'Alan Stanford (Baron Lightwad), Anita Reeves (Robin), Vincent Smith (Hopalong).'
Date: 3/3/1933
Type: Image
Identifier: vital:22026
Description: Two men carrying framed portrait of gentleman from former era. They are ascending the steps in order to bring the painting in. Man on left wearing white apron may be a restorer. A couple of other men ... More
Date: 3/2/1957
Identifier: vital:23352
Description: Headline from Empire News & Sunday Chronicle. Article about Paddy Gogan at Queen's Theatre, Dublin.
Date: 31/12/1945
Type: image
Identifier: vital:1387
Description: Publicity photo. B & W image. On back: 'Margaret Johnston attractive Australian who gets her first big break in British films in the new Individual Pictures Production "THE RAKE'S PROGRESS". This was ... More
Date: 31/12/1830
Type: Image
Identifier: vital:4955
Description: Map - Exchequer Street and Saint Andrew Street. By A. Neville, C. S. 31 December 1830 Date: 1830 :scale: N. S.
Creators: Not known
Date: 31/10/1981
Type: image
Identifier: vital:2356
Description: B & W publicity image. Picture shows Liam Neeson as he appeared as Gypo in "The Informer" by Liam O'Flaherty put on at Olympia Theatre for the Dublin Theatre Festival, 1981.
Creators: Irish Press
Date: 31/10/1950
Identifier: vital:23353
Description: Irish Press theatre listings section, includes program for Queen's Theatre, Dublin. Lists Gloria Green in Paddy Tyrrell in "The Kid Act", a comedy sketch.
Date: 31/08/1976
Type: image
Identifier: vital:829
Description: Publicity photo. B & W shot of Stephen Brennan and Ingrid Craigie. On back is written: ' Ingrid Craigie and Stephen Brennan in "Our Town" , Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning play at the Peacock ... More
Creators: Keystone photo
Date: 31/08/1960
Type: image
Identifier: vital:1634
Description: B & W Publicity photo. On back: 'EARTHA KITT, singer whose purring notes bring out the gay dog in most men, arrived in London yesterday accompanied by her husband of three months, Hollywood real-estat ... More
Date: 31/08/1916
Language: English
Type: Document
Identifier: vital:45927
Description: Letter discusses that he is glad his letters finally arrived; doesn’t mind if the baby is a boy or a girl; asks his wife to post him a particular belt; comments on the thunderstorms and heavy rain; re ... More
Creators: Not known
Date: 31/07/1984
Type: image
Identifier: vital:3948
Description: B & W production photo. On back: 'Kate Hogan and Maurice Sheehan who will be appearing in "WOMEN IN ARMS" [by Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy] which has its premiere at the Ivernia Theatre, Cork on Tuesd ... More
Creators: Not known
Date: 31/07/1981
Type: image
Identifier: vital:4272
Description: Production shot. B & W photo. On back is printed: 'Garett Keogh & Malcolm Douglas in Martin Sherman's "BENT", which opens at 8.00 p.m. on August 4th, at Project Arts Centre with previews on Friday 31s ... More
Creators: Not known
Date: 31/07/1974
Type: image
Identifier: vital:2841
Description: B & W production photo. On back: ' "THE LAST BURNING" [by Patrick Galvin] - Louis Rolston & John Hewitt.'