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Date: 9/07/1920
Language: English
Identifier: vital:46250
Description: Copy of two pages from The Irish Times, 9 July 1920 describing action of General Dyer in Amritsar. 2pp
Date: 8/2/1934
Type: Image
Identifier: vital:21962
Description: Group of ladies and gents in evening wear standing and seated on floor (5 rows) at back of room against wall.
Date: 8/11/1916
Language: English
Type: Document
Identifier: vital:45938
Description: Letter discusses: Comments that he has left the trenches; disappointed with condition of sleeping quarters; received a large glass of rum on arrival, which he was very pleased with; asks Effie to addr ... More
Date: 7/2/1934
Type: Image
Identifier: vital:22062
Description: Four gentlemen, two wearing lawyer’s wigs and gowns and others wearing professional hats and coats, standing at entrance to building (perhaps Four Courts).